BSO Tactical is primarily written, recorded, edited, or otherwise executed by pretty much one guy.


I’m Tom Z., former Marine and Soldier (ARNG for 1 year… I didn’t assimilate that well from my former POG Marine ways) and current Police Officer for a mid-sized Midwestern Police Department.


I’m a mediocre, but sometimes lucky, hunter and fisherman with a strong passion for the outdoors. Guns are without a doubt my life’s true passion, despite my wife’s best efforts. Any time outside is enjoyed, including boating, camping, hiking, and pushing around this huge ASVAB waiver of a German Shepherd that lives in my house.


Carrying a gun professionally for most of my adult life has led me to be a constant student of the craft. I carry daily both on and off duty and make every effort to keep up to date and current on modern carry and shooting techniques. I also have a strong affinity for a good patrol rifle and a love for the oft forgotten scattergun.

Much of my free time is dedicated to training, working out, hitting the range to burn money, or undoing everything productive I’ve previously mentioned by drinking too many beers with friends.The remainder of that time is wasted cruising around the internet looking at gun stuff.

I enjoy sharing information and experiences with others, and serving as an instructor/mentor to those junior or with less experience on various topics. I consider myself a “Jack” of a few trades, and a master of absolutely nothing other than avoiding working parties and skating.

My favorite MRE is crayons and glue. And I’m not a “Cross-fitter”… because I play real sports.