Tuesday Tac Tip

It’s Tuesday, and the start of a new weekly series for us called “Tuesday Tac-Tip”, where we deliver a quick tip for success in the tactical environment. Nothing too crazy, maybe a drill, adjustment, theory, or quick insight to help give you that extra little benefit that you might find useful someday. Maybe you’ve heard it before, or maybe it’ll make you think “how didn’t I think of that?”. Either way, it’s going to be simple and to the point – after all, it is just the tip. 

For today’s quick tip, we’re going to take a quick look at weapon light maintenance. If you shoot with a weapon mounted light (which you should), there’s a good chance you’ve noticed at the end of your training that you need to clean the light’s lens after. This is made even worse by shooting with a light that extends in front of the muzzle, like a Glock 19 and Surefire X300U.


(photo credit: On Duty Gear)

To prevent this, use a little bit of Chapstick or other lip balm and wipe it on the lens before shooting. Just keep a little tube of it in your shooting bag, and you can use it for light maintenance, lip care, and minor skin wounds that happen on the range all the time. When you’re done shooting, just wipe it off with a clean, cloth rag and the majority of your cleaning is done! And don’t try using straight Vasoline or your sex lube for this – it isn’t really think enough to hold up to the heat and makes a nasty mess.

Just make sure to use a cloth rag for wiping the lens. Don’t use paper towel or similar products, as the wood content in them can leave micro scratches in the lens and cause damage over time.

For really tough carbon build up that you need to scrub off: use a pencil eraser. A good ol’ fashioned #2 Ticonderoga pencil will serve you wonders on the range. It can clean your light, help you take waterproof notes, or improve your qualification score since it’s about 9mm in diameter.

Holidays PSA: Keep in touch with each other over the holidays. Get ahold of your peers and check in. NCOs and leadership – this is your time to practice troop welfare. I know there’s veterans out there reading this, and you owe it to yourselves and buddies to be around for each other these next few weeks.

Until Victory.


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