Springfield Armory – What The Hell Are You Thinking?!

The XD-E? Really? I mean, on the one hand, I’m pretty pumped that my YouTube screen shot skills paid off and I nearly called the “secret” product release a few days in advance, but I’ve got to say, I’m probably even less impressed that I thought I would be.


It’s not that the design of the gun is necessarily bad, but I just don’t think it’s what the market is looking for – although this one is somewhat unique to the segment. It’s essentially a single-stack 9mm that’s has a hammer fired, DA/SA fire control group. It also has a manual safety/decocker, and can be carried either “cocked and locked” (a la 1911), DA with out safety, or DA with a safety, similar to Heckler and Koch’s multipurpose safety-decocker. The safety-decocker is what makes this particular gun a little different than it’s competition. Some will be glad the grip safety from the other X D series of guns is deleted, but personally I’m a take it or leave it kind of guy.

My prediction of a Springfield branded “Walther PPS” type gun was pretty close! But my biggest question is: why? Nobody asked for this. If you prefer small carrier guns that are hammer fired you can carry any number of revolvers or DA subcompacts, not to mention that SA essentially created a competitive product for their own XDS. This was Springfield’s “best kept secret”, and what they’ve been working on the past two years (according to Rob Leatham)? Bad call. Probably an even worse call than the Saint – which was also a huge market disappointment.

It’s not that Springfield is making bad products in a design or engineering sense, but they’re releasing the wrong products into an already flooded market. The Saint had a TERRIBLE marketing campaign – and still does, and nobody asked SA for the XD-E. 2017 demands new things, and the manufacturers need to figure that out: we want revolvers without internal locks, better optics ready pistols, rifles that aren’t just another lightened or “enhanced” AR, and more 10mm’s! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY 10!

In other news, Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms both sold out their fellow 2A Americans in their home State of Illinois.

Illinois SB-1657 is essentially a bill that would create a State level gun licensing program that would be in addition to federal FFLs and BATFE regulations. It would also demand that anyone who sells more than nine firearms per year get a dealer’s license. In short – it would be a huge pain in the ass for a lot of lawful gun owners.


Instead of supporting their customer base and fighting the bill, Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms took the path of least resistance and offered a “neutral” stance if manufacturers of firearms in Illinois were provided an exemption to the proposed law. This was obviously immediately accommodated for two reasons: even Democrats can’t deny the tax base that firearms manufactures represent, and it’s easier to repress lawful gun owners if the manufacturers won’t back them with their own money.

Shame on you, Springfield and RRA. Law abiding, armed citizens are an awfully loyal bunch, and they won’t be quick to forgive you. Hell, people are still mad at Smith-Wesson and Ruger for their Clinton area deals, so I can’t imagine that either company is going to fair very well for this. Sucks to be you guys.

Until Victory.


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