This Week in Guns: April 24th, 2017 – BATFE Brace Reversal, Colt Cobra, New Springfield, and Kommiefornia?

What in the hell is happening this week? It seems like the floodgates have suddenly opened and manufacturers are finally hitting their stride. New guns are getting announced, SHOT SHOW 2017 guns are finally shipping, and the gun community is spinning from new legal announcements that may have wide sweeping effects on the gun community as a whole.

First up, it’s the news that’s shaken up the gun world the most in the past few days. If you’ve missed it, you’ve either been under a rock or have zero social network. In a clarification letter to SB Tactical, the BATFE has seemingly reversed its previous decision about shouldering a pistol “brace”. Although I won’t cover the whole history of it here, needless to say it’s a 180 degree turn from their previous stance on the matter that shouldering and firing a pistol with a brace would constitute a reconstruction of a pistol into an SBR, and therefore violate the NFA. The letter would suggest that there isn’t a “proper” way to fire a handgun, and therefore the manner of firing does not in-and-of itself constitute the “making” of an SBR. So good news to all you AR pistol guys out there! Time for an AR pistol truck gun for me…


More info on the SB Tactical letter can be found here, in a post from the NRA-ILA. Obviously… this is a minor victory in a bigger war, and we need to capitalize on our forward progress. This decision shows how ridiculous the NFA really is, and support needs to be garnered to repeal the NFA. Join the NRA today. It’s the best shot we’ve got.

Next this week, Colt has officially confirmed that their 2017 Cobra is shipping to distributers and dealers now! Although I have yet to see any listed as “in stock” online, I’m definitely going to throw a pre-order in with my local dealer ASAP. Colt’s Facebook page even featured a picture of a bunch of Cobra frames being worked on in the factory, and it seems like they were just trying to build up inventory before shipping. I hope the Cobra sells well for Colt, as it appears to be in high demand and a great carry option for any revolver guy.


As far as new guns goes, the Cobra is probably at the very top of my list. But that doesn’t mean I’m not at least intrigued by Springfield Armory’s announcement this week of a new handgun product. According to their hype video, it’s their “best kept secret”, so one could assume it’s not the XDM 10mm that they’ve been promising. You can check out the whole sneak preview here, but this is probably the most important image:

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.07.27 PM

My guess? A single stack 9. It’s not recoiling like anything other, and I don’t think SA is off the deep end enough to put out a single stack .380. It seems pretty thin, which tips me off to “single-stack” and appears to have a tip up loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide, a-la XDM. Revolutionary? Probably not, but it could be pretty cool for Springfield guys and gals.


And wrapping things up, an NRA affiliate in California has filed a lawsuit against the state citing that CA’s “Assault Weapons Control Act” is unconstitutional (it is). How this will play out in such a far left swinging state is hard to say, but I hope they give ’em hell. A victory in California would set a wide spread precedent for the rest of the country, and a victory for one of us is a victory for all of us.

Until Victory.


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