Monday 4/17 – FN Announces the 509

This morning, fans of FN Herstal (FN/FN America) announced the newest addition to their pistol lineup: the FN 509.


According the FN, the 509 is very similar to the gun they submitted to the US Army during the most recent MHS trials that resulted in the selection of the Sig P320 to replace the aging stock of Beretta M-9s. FN specifically mentioned that the 509 is essentially a redesign of the FNS, and specifically reference the FNS-9C in some interviews regarding its intent for citizen carry.

At first glance, the 509 is a pretty typical plastic gun affair: striker fired, 5.5-7.5lb trigger, black, 4″ barrel, 17 round magazine, Browning link-less tilting barrel lock up, and coming in at 5.56″ in height and 7.4 OAL. In short, it’s nearly identical in size to the original FNS-9, which can be imagined like this: Glock 19 slide assembly on top of a Glock 17 frame. Although this comparison isn’t exact, it might get you in the right ballpark if you’re more familiar with the Glock series of 9mms.

As far as appearance, it looks like the “FNS-9 2.0”. It’s a refreshed, updated version of the FNS-9, similar to what Smith & Wesson did to the M&P series of handguns. If you look at it long enough from just the right angle, it looks like some sort of XDM/Walther slide on a Ruger American frame that has the M&P 2.0’s abbreviated beavertail. It also reminds me of a classic muscle car, with “509” emblazoned on the side like it’s some sort of advertisement for a V8 hemi.


Do you see it? Or is it just me?

While I haven’t gotten the chance to fire one yet, I do look forward to the opportunity to give one a shot at a local range. I can’t say I’m chomping at the bit to run out and buy one, since I have a regular FNS-9, but you never know – maybe it’s a game changer. I’ve been throughly impressed with the FNS-9, and I think that the 509 has a lot to offer from a very storied gun maker. I guess only time will tell. FN has historically built some very fine, but perhaps under appreciated, pistols – and I hope the 509 will bring them more into the mainstream American market.

Until Victory.


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