Gun Shop Garbage

If you spend enough time in your local gun shop or range, you’ll probably hear and see what can only be described as some pretty whacky shit. You know what I’m talking about… the misinformed, talking about the incorrect, and doing the weirdest things. These days, I just let it go – but that doesn’t mean I don’t take note of some of best! Here’s a highlight reel from some of my most recent trips:

The Filipino 1911 Officer’s Model – 

This is by far the least egregious offense, and really is just a lesson in “you get what you pay for”. An older gentleman at my LGS brought his officer’s sized 1911 to get a once over by the gunsmith because it’s unreliable. Chief complaint: it won’t feed hollow points. My reaction: no surprise there. It’s a $400.00 Filipino 1911 that was hacked together that had a huge gap between the barrel ramp and frame feed ramp. This wouldn’t have bothered me at all, until he stated that it had run as well as “any Wilson or custom 1911 would”, and that “fancy” 1911s aren’t worth the money… there it is.

Avon as Lube (not the dirty kind)

This one also comes from my local shop, Fox Valley Firearms, and I will say this wasn’t witnessed by me. Thankfully. Apparently a customer brought their gun in due to mechanical issues. Upon further examination, an unusually “sweet” odor was detected coming from the action. Long story short, the guy was using his wife’s Avon body oil as a firearms lubricant. Uhh…

Micro Trijicon ACOG on Glock 19 

Don’t know how I could explain it any better than that. It was a micro ACOG on a Glock 19, supported by a plastic mount that clamped to the rail and extended over the top of the slide. I’m pretty sure it was one of those cheap NC Star mounts or something. Not that it didn’t work… maybe? But… very unconventional.

.357 = 7.62x39mm

No it doesn’t. This one… this guy nearly made me have a stroke. Not only was he attempting to “help” a new gun buyer, but he made claims about the background check being tied to concealed carry permits (they’re not… at all), one shot stopping power, “knock down power”. not needing to carry a reload, and most heinously, he compared his .357 magnum from a 2″ barrel to the performance of 7.62×39 from an AK. He told this woman that 7.62×39 fires a 123gr bullet at “around 1,700 fps” and said his Ruger SP101 fired a 125 gr bullet at “1,400 fps, so their basically the same thing”.

“My normal carry gun is a Smith 500”

No shit, this one is real. I have to admit I thought the guy was BS, but apparently he wasn’t lying – and for good reason. He’s an Alaskan bush pilot, so he shlepps around a S&W 500 VXR for bears. Pretty cool.

I’ve got loads more of weird gun shop/range happenings. I’m not telling you about these to be a dick, although that’s a little bit how this reads. I’m sharing this purely for entertainment and shenanigans. I’m sure you all have come across some pretty wacky happenings at your local shops and ranges too. Drop a comment and let me know some of the weirdest!

Until Victory.


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