Lt. Gen. Hal Moore (Feb. 13, 1922 – Feb. 10, 2017)


Today at BSO Tactical, we stop and remember a great American, Lt. Gen. Hal Moore. Born on Feb. 13, 1922, in Bardstown, KY, Lt. Gen. Moore was a 1945 graduate from West Point.

Most famous for his command of 1st Battalion, 7th Cav., then Lt. Col. Moore led his battalion from the front during the Battle of Ia Drang in 1965. Known for his motto of “there is always one more thing you can do to increase your odds of success”, Lt. Col. Moore defeated the NVA while outnumbered approximately 5 to 1 and trapped in a valley with no escape routes. After the famous encounter, Lt. Gen. Moore would go on to continue his faithful service to the United States Army, eventually retiring August 1st, 1977 after 32 years of service.

Lt. Gen. Moore became a household name after the release of the movie “We Were Soldiers” and was portrayed by Mel Gibson.

He passed on Feb. 10th, 2017, just days before his 95th birthday, following complications from a stroke he had suffered several days prior, according to family.

Rest easy, Sir. Thank you for your exceptional service and demonstration of patriotism and fidelity to the United States.

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